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Welcome to Don Flea Market!

Have you ever had a dream of owning your own business,becoming your own boss, setting your own work schedule? have you ever thought  i know i can do this if i could just find the time? or if i had the money to rent a cost efficient space that wont take up all of my savings, paying first,second and last months rent,paying light,gas,parking,internet and who knows what else????

well guess what? you can now forget about all those worries,

Don flea market has arrived! We are here breaking all schemes, we not only have the right space for your business: we are here  for you opened every weekend for your convinience. our hours of operations  for your customers are  9:00am-6:00pm.( vendors vary.) There are no deposits, no admission fees, we provide the internet, free parking, but best of all our unit prices are very competetive. you see we too believe that you can succeed in making your future business become a reality, give us a try we want to help.   

for additional information we invite you to come take a peak.what do you have to loose?. 

We began this flea market thinking of all those vendors who have struggled like us looking for a suitable place thats affordable and can be ran without the normal flea market traditions of only a couple days a week.we wanted to build a place that is stable and safe.a place that can be ran as an actual business. We welcome you to come learn more about us. come see how different we are, feel free to compare us to other markets Browse through the gallery showcasing some of the many products our vendors carry. We promise you won't find such unique items anywhere else, for such an affordable price.We are infact breaking schemes.


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